More Traffic _More Sales_

More Traffic More Sales


Unique and Effective Promotion System

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  • Attract more customers

    We create and publish online incentives that are discovered through mobile search and social media.

  • Viral Sharing

    We include social sharing features to increase awareness and social sharing.

  • Promotion Scheduling

    Your promotion schedule is completely flexible. Run multiple promotions on “auto-pilot” or change offers manually.

  • Mobile-First

    With mobile devices driving more local search, we know the importance of being mobile-ready.

  • Cloud-Based

    Your coupons live in the cloud and can be easily embedded in your website or social apps. There is no software to purchase or install.

Unlimited Capabilities

  • When you have multiple locations, you need to tailor your promotions to suit the traffic at each location. With Loyalty Sprout, you can create a different promotion for each location, and our location-aware system will display the coupon that is closest to your customer.

    Location Aware
    Location Aware
  • Plan your special event promotions well in advance. Everything is in place, and automatically over-rides your regular promotion program on the dates you specify. And when the promotion is over, your regular schedule starts up again.

    Special Events
    Special Events
  • Create a digital Daily Specials board that changes each meal, each day. Always have your latest promotion available to your online guests, they're always informed with the right information.

    Daily Specials
    Daily Specials


Loyalty Sprout is in a class by itself. As the only completely mobile-aware, drag-and-drop promotion builder with viral sharing on the market, it’s hard to compare Loyalty Sprout to anything else that is out there. Let us help you incorporate digital promotions into your campaign and boost your results. Contact us today to explore how we can use Loyalty Sprout to grow your business.


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